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About Us

From humble beginnings a Grandfather, Father and sons continuing the tradition Merolli had started off some 60 years ago working in all facets of concrete. Through time demand for construction of slabs led us to concentrate on this and today we have become one of the oldest and prestigious firms in Victoria operating in the industry today.

The family has continued on with the tradition and evolved into a leading service in concrete and construction and experts in the field.

From the construction of slabs both residential and commercial, the era of basements flowed into our scope of works. Over time Merolli have become the one company that provides the full process from beginning to end encompassing all the areas required for this type of construction that can be daunting for some.

Basement Construction

If you're looking to have a basement constructed then we can organise the plans, permits and documentation for the process which needs to be carried out.

We can liaise with stakeholders, being councils, building surveyors, land surveyors, engineers, public authorities and owners if you choose for us to handle it all.

Alternately, if you already have the permits then we can construct it when you're ready to.

Why are we experts?

Merolli are the experts in the business providing logistics and logistical support to registered builders, owners and owner builders

60 years behind us, extensive on job trained practical and theory, worked thousands of jobs and projects combined, qualifications in building construction and business management, full domestic qualified and commercial building licenses from the authoritarian Victorian Building Authority.

We are the one stop shop.

Over the years the business has acquired all the tools required to carry out the works we are engaged to do. From a different range of excavators 5.5 T up to 26T, and bobcats and skid steers, trucks and truck and trailer combinations, form work and materials, piling equipment and augers, core barrel rock drilling for various sizes and jackhammers.

If you need work such any of the items below dont hesitate to call us so that we can assist you.

  • Piers and deep piers reinforce
  • Slabs on ground
  • Conventional raft slabs
  • Suspended slabs either conventional or using the Bondek system
  • Basements
  • Shot Crete walls and concrete walls
  • Strip Footings known as foundations also
  • Bulk excavation
  • Site cuts
  • Site excavations
  • Soil removal
  • Rock drilling and Core drilling
  • Polished concrete